Saturday Shares

We are heading into the thick of summertime! Our routine is a little off, and nap schedules are waaaay off–but we’re having tons of fun! Here’s what resonated with me this week:

1.) Life saving tips for mothers of big families. I loved reading this! There were such amazing tips! After I read it, I went to my big ol’ missing sock pile and trashed it! I have spent too much time trying to find that matching Tinkerbell sock!  Also pro paper plates!

2.) Four simple rules to clean eating. This is a simple opinion article, but it was a great reminder for me.  You DON’T have to get crazy with monitoring your diet as long as you’re eating clean…but still, enjoy your life! Too often, I get really restrictive with my diet, and it does not work.

3.) Bone broth is a huge food trend right now. It is supposed to help heal your teeth, replenish your minerals, and cleanse your system. I am not a huge fan of eating much meat and don’t like the idea of deboning chicken, so this restorative vegetable broth looks really appealing to me.

4.) Using great literature to teach history. History is my weak point in homeschooling, but I am determined to change that this year! This article, from Susan Wise Bauer, has great ideas for teaching Shakespeare and which books to read to correspond with your history study.  I will be referring back to this a lot!

5.) How to Meditate without Sitting Still. This is another great reminder that you don’t need to be sitting still to meditate (hello, crochet!).

6.) 13 Make-Ahead Healthy Breakfast Recipes.  This has some great recipes! The sweet potato and black bean hash looks super yummy. Great for those times when you don’t want to scramble another egg.

Happy Saturday!


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