Sunday Shares

Summertime is here! Here are some things that really struck a chord with me this week:

1.) Rad and Happy’s No Bad Days was such a good reminder of little things you can be doing to improve your days.

2.) I love me some celebrity ritual sharing. Here is Jennifer Aniston’s morning routine. I am on board with lemon water in the morning! Reading this has gotten me on the research path of different types of collagen, and I am learning a lot!

3.) I am learning that I can be quite a control freak when it comes to my kids and screen time and getting their math done.  This article about giving your kids a 70s summer made me laugh and loosen up a bit. I am lucky that I had parents that gave us a lot of freedom in the summertime.

4.) I mentioned the Austen project, where famous authors re-tell Austen novels.  Well, this year marks the beginning of the Hogarth Shakespeare Project, where famous authors retell Shakespeare plays. I am excited to read Margaret Atwood’s Hag Seed, a re-telling of The Tempest. This will be interesting!

5.) 30 Rules to Lift Like a Girl. I love the Strong is the New Skinny mantra, and this article has lots of good tips. Mainly: Stop focusing on weight! Focus on strength!

6.) The talk by Thomas S. Monson, Guideposts for Life’s Journey,  is amazing and uplifting!


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