Sunday Shares

It’s Sunday! That means I napped from 2-4, as usual. Everyone in my home naps from 2-4 on Sundays, and then we all stay up a little later. It’s a good time.

Here are some things that I find really interesting this week:

1.) Building a Home Kids Want to Come Home To. This was a good article with some interesting tips about improving the culture of your home.

2.) The Daily Routines of Famous Writers. I LOVED this.  I love reading about routines, and many of these writers have similar ones: Wake early. Write for several hours. Be done writing, but most importantly, you must write. I like the quote from Maya Angelou, “Easy reading is damn hard writing.”

3.) How to Make Your Weeks Feel More Like the Weekend. I needed this.  Why not watch a movie in the middle of the week or take two baths?  You’re worth it!

4.) How to Be A Bookworm When You Don’t Have the Time.  I love to read, and I get asked a lot how I am able to read so much.  I do everything this article mentions!  Now if I deleted Instagram, I am sure I would read MUCH more.

5.) How to Make Egg-Wrapped Sushi Rolls! One of my favorite Japanese foods is omelette-wrapped sushi rolls. They are so good.  The key is to make a very thin omelette using only one egg and a tsp of brown sugar. Pour it on a hot pan and then turn the heat low, essentially steaming it.  I have yet to perfect it, but these look so good! I have to try again.

6.) Drinking One Gallon of Water a Day. This writer tried it for 30 days and talks about the effects, mainly ENERGY.  I have never thought to actually buy a gallon jug, but I think I’ll try it.  I usually lose track of how much I drink with my smaller bottles.

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