Saturday Shares

It’s Saturday, and I wanted to share some tidbits with you that I have found hilarious, moving, and also occasionally bazaar. I’ve had a good magazine-reading week, which is where most of this stuff caught my attention in the first place!

1.) Zosia Mamet Won’t Lean In : Glamour Magazine has a monthly column written by various women celebrities. I have loved everyone I’ve read one, but I really loved this one.”I get angry that, when a woman decides to hold off on gunning for a promotion because she wants to have a baby, other women whisper that ‘she’s throwing away her potential.’ That is when we’re not supporting our own.”

2.) A Day in the Life of Donna Karan: Harper’s Bazaar has a monthly column featuring “24 Hours in the Life of…” a famous designer, and they are all amazing.  Every single designer wears a uniform of some sort and has very specific rituals.  I love reading about Donna Karan, because she believes so strongly in self-care.

3.) Would a human head transplant work? :  I watched Victor Frankenstein this week, and the next day read this article in Men’s Health about an Italian doctor gearing up for performing the first ever human head transplant sometime next year.  What? How? My brain is exploding just thinking about this!

4.) 100 Things for Kids to Memorize : This was fun to read. My kids LOVE memorizing things, and we are always working on memorizing several things.  Right now, it’s the Into the Woods song “Your Fault” and the order of the U.S. Presidents.

5.) Don’t Text and Dad: Men have a hard time multi-tasking sometimes 😉

6.) 26 Things You Should Do For Yourself Once a Year: I love this. #4 and #24 especially.





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